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Alliance of Clinician-Educators (ACER)/Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology (AMSER) Educational Scholarship Webinar Series

It is well known that educators can have a greater impact on the field of radiology by sharing their educational efforts through publication in respected peer-reviewed journals.  In addition, promotional pathways now recognize a clinician-educator track, a component of which is educational scholarship.  This webinar series has been designed to help radiologists of all levels further their skills in educational research and scholarship. Each Webinar was previously recorded live and can be accessed below using YouTube.


Navigating the Educational Scholarship Domain

This webinar covers how to: 1) Appraise different types of educational scholarship and their impact on portfolios. 2) Identify effective, targeted methods of advancing careers through education. 3) Plan a publication/distribution strategy in advance of developing educational material.













































 The RAHSR/RRA Webinar Series is supported by a Venture Fund Grant 

from the AUR Research and Education Foundation