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AUR Research and Education Foundation

Mission: The mission of the Association of University Radiologists Research and Education Foundation is to advance the interests of individual academic radiologists and of the academic radiology community through consistent financial support of academic programming, scholarship, and innovation.

President's Message

Dear Colleague,Dr_Applegate

On behalf of the AUR Research and Education Foundation, I invite you to contribute to the future of academic radiology. The mission of the AUR R&E Foundation is to promote research, education and scholarship in academic radiology. This is being accomplished through awarding grants, fellowships, stipends and other financial support to individual members and Affinity Groups.

Through strengthened collaborations with the AUR Board and Executive Committee, the AUR R&E Foundation has rolled out new funding opportunities and has completed the Ethics and Professionalism Grants that were funded by the Branta Foundation (2011-2016). Our current portfolio now includes:

We need your participation to continue and grow our offerings.

The AUR R&E Foundation was incorporated in November 2001 as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. The Foundation Bylaws were formally approved by the AUR Board and subsequently by the AUR membership at the 2003 AUR meeting. Donations to The AUR R&E Foundation by individuals are deductible as charitable gift contributions.

You have the option of designating your contribution to honor a colleague, to celebrate a special life event, or to recognize the accomplishment of a teacher, or mentor. There is also the option to endow a program, award or named lecture. Academic and community departments are encouraged to make donations in honor of outstanding faculty members, to recognize contributions to patient care, education and research. Members of the Foundation Board would be happy to work with you to make your gift meaningful. The AUR will recognize contributions at its annual meeting, on its website and in its official journal, Academic Radiology.

I challenge every member of AUR, APDR, SCARD, ACER, AMSER, A3CR2, RAHSR, RRA and APCR to contribute any amount, no matter how big or small. Nothing would please me more than to see support from 100% of our membership. I look forward to personally thanking you for your contribution.

Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS, FACR
President, AUR Research and Education Foundation