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2020 Gold Medal Award

Submission Deadline: October 18, 2019

Guidelines for Nominations:

  • The Gold Medal is to be awarded in recognition of unusually distinguished service or contributions to the Association of University Radiologists, academic radiology, or the field of radiology in general.
  • Nomination of an individual for the Gold Medal can be accomplished by a letter from a member of the AUR provided two seconding letters of that nomination are received from other members of the Association.
  • Gold Medal nominations will be retained for three years. After that period of time, any nominee not having been awarded the Gold Medal will have to be re-nominated according to Guideline 2 above.
  • Gold Medals will not be awarded posthumously except in the instance when the nominee’s demise occurs in the interval between the time of selection as a Gold Medalist and the annual meeting at which the Medal was to have been awarded.
  • Gold Medalists will be invited to the annual meeting to receive the award in person. They will receive complimentary registration for that meeting as well as travel and lodging in the headquarters hotel.

Forward nominations electronically to

    2019 Award Recipient       2019 Award Recipient

Jackson_Gold Medal_photo   

Valerie P. Jackson, MD


 Lewin_Gold Medal_Photo  

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD

Past AUR Gold Medal Award Recipients

2018:     Felix S. Chew, MD, MBA; Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD 

2017:     William G. Bradley, Jr, MD, PhD*; Jocelyn D. Chertoff, MD, MS

2016:     Ruth C. Carlos, MD, MS; John Eng, MD

2015:     Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS; Robert A. Novelline, MD

2014:     Jannette Collins, MD, MEd; Vijay M. Rao, MD

2013:     Ronald L. Arenson, MD

2012:     N. Reed Dunnick, MD; Beverly P. Wood, MD, PhD, MSEd

2011:     G. Scott Gazelle, MD, MPH, PhD; Gary M. Glazer, MD*

2010:     Etta D. Pisano, MD; James H. Thrall, MD

2009:     Ella A. Kazerooni, MD, MS; Daniel C. Sullivan, MD

2008:     Laurie L. Fajardo, MD, MBA; David C. Levin, MD

2007:     Hedvig Hricak, MD; Robert F. Mattrey, MD

2006:     Wilbur L. Smith, Jr, MD; Kay H. Vydareny, MD

2005:     Philip O. Alderson, MD; Bruce J. Hillman, MD

2004:     Steven E. Seltzer, MD

2003:     Stanley Baum, MD; A. Everette James, Jr., MD*

2002:     John R. Thornbury, MD; Albert A. Moss, MD

2001:     Edmund A. Franken, MD; William M. Thompson, MD

2000:     Arvin E. Robinson, MD; Lee F. Rogers, MD

1999:     Jerome H. Arndt, MD*; Robert W. Holden, MD

1998:     B. Leonard Holman, MD*; James H. Scatliff, MD*

1997:     C. Douglas Maynard, MD; James E. Youker, MD

1996:     Ronald G. Evens, MD; Thomas S. Harle, MD

1995:     David G. Bragg, MD; George R. Leopold, MD

1994:     John A. Kirkpatrick, MD*; Nancy O. Whitley, MD*

1993:     Melvyn H. Schreiber, MD; Frederic N. Silverman, MD

1992:     Malcolm D. Jones, MD*

1991:     John F. Holt, MD*; Charles E. Putman, MD*

1990:     John A. Campbell, MD*; John H. Juhl, MD*

1989:     Eugene C. Klatte, MD; Joseph E. Whitley, MD*

1988:     M. Paul Capp, MD

1987:     Alexander Gottschalk, MD*; Henry H. Jones, MD*

1986:     Harry Z. Mellins, MD*; Lucy Frank Squire, MD*

1985:     Byron G. Brogdon, MD*; Juan M. Taveras, MD*

1984:     Herbert L. Abrams, MD*; Richard H. Greenspan, MD*

1983:     Robert N. Cooley, MD*;Melvin M. Figley, MD*

1982:     Harold G. Jacobson, MD*; Alexander R. Margulis, MD*

1981:     Harry W. Fischer, MD*; Harvey Picker, MD*; Elliott C. Lasser; Jean Picker, MD*

1980:     Robert D. Moseley, Jr., MD*; Sidney W. Nelson, MD*

1979:     Henry S. Kaplan, MD*; Russell H. Morgan, MD*; William B. Seaman, MD*

1978:     Paul C. Hodges, MD*; Hugh M. Wilson, MD*

* Deceased