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Memorial Award $1,000 Honorarium   

The deadline to submit a manuscript for the 2020 award is October 10, 2019.
Open to Radiology Residents, 1st Year Fellows & Medical Students. 


In honor of deceased members of the Association of University Radiologists (AUR), a Memorial Award may be presented annually to the radiology medical student, resident or first year fellow who submits an outstanding original paper on any aspect of radiology. Eligible medical students, residents, or fellows may submit as the sole author of their paper, or they may do so in conjunction with other medical students, residents, or fellows and/or faculty. In the latter case, the medical student, resident or fellow must fully qualify as the senior author of the paper. Only AUR members are eligible for this award.

The winning paper will be published in Academic Radiology, and the author will receive a $1,000 honorarium, crystal award and certificate, and will be asked to present his or her essay during the AUR 68th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 21 - 24, 2020. Note: Only manuscripts accepted for publication will be considered for this award.

Manuscripts submitted for the Memorial Award Competition:

  • Must be a first-time submission.
  • Cannot be under consideration for an award by another organization (other than AUR and its Affinity Groups or APDR)
  • Cannot already be published
  • Cannot be under consideration for publication by a journal other than Academic Radiology
  • Cannot be presented at a national meeting before the 2020 AUR Annual Meeting

In order to improve the manuscript quality, a review process has been added. Authors will now have the opportunity to receive suggested revisions to their manuscript.

Papers should not exceed 5,000 words and 10 illustrations, and tables must be kept within reasonable bounds. Otherwise, manuscripts should conform in all respects to the "Guidelines for Authors" found in Academic Radiology.

Submissions of the manuscript for the Memorial Award should be made through the ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY online, electronic submission system.

When submitting a manuscript to the Elsevier Editorial System, authors need to provide an electronic version of their manuscript. For this purpose original source files, not PDF files, are required and should be submitted as word documents with .tif figures (300 DPI for half-tones and 800-1200 DPI for line-art). The author should specify Memorial Award as the article type for the manuscript, and choose a set of classifications from the prescribed list provided online. Authors may send queries concerning the submission process, manuscript status, or journal procedures to the Editorial Office at Once the submission files are uploaded, the system automatically generates an electronic (PDF) proof, which is then used for reviewing. All correspondence will be by e-mail.

The manuscript must be submitted by October 10, 2019. Abstracts of manuscripts are encouraged and must adhere to the abstract deadline of October 9, 2019, 12:00 pm (noon) Central time and will undergo the same peer review process as other abstracts.

The winner of the 2020 Memorial Award will be notified in February 2020.

For more information, contact the AUR Office by phone at 1-630-368-3730 or by email at

Memorial Award Recipients

2019 Christopher P. Centonze
2018 Travis Wassermann
2017 Cory M. Pfeifer
2016 Huan Dong
2015 Austin R. Faulkner
2014 Jared H. Bailey
2013 Dania Daye
2012 Nicholas A. Koontz
2011 Sotirios Bisdas
2010 Matthew S. Davenport
2009 Lily Y. Zou
2008 No Award Given
2007 Douglas R. Kitchin
2006 David Fetzer, BS
2005 Dhawal Goradia
2004 Jonathan Wood
2003 Jingbo Zhang
2002 No Award
2001 Jennifer H. Park
2000 Robert T. Harvey
1999 Nirish Lal
1998 No Award Given
1997 Peter Drescher
1996 Carl M. Black
1995 Reed A. Omary
1994 J. F. Geschwind
1993 Ralph Weissleder
1992 D. James Schumacher
1991 Alexander B. Baxter
1990 Brian D. Coley
1989 No Award Given
1988 Alan D. Eisenberg
1987 Laurie L. Fajardo
1986 Alexander S. Mark
1985 Alan S. Brody
1984 Mark R. Mitchell
George E. Wesbey
Michael E. Moseley
1983 Fred H. Burbank
1982 Robert F. Mattrey
1981 Peter L. Davis
1980 John D. Newell
1979 Harvey J. Berger
1978 Jonathan M. Rubin
1977 Richard W. Katzberg
1976 Robert C. Brasch
1975 William V. Glenn
1974 Peter J. Julien
1973 Joseph F. Phillips
1972 Norman H. Boyer
1971 Melvyn T. Korobkin
C. Richard Dunn
1970 No Award Given
1969 Richard O. Danford
1968 Paul B. Hoffer
1967 E. Leon Kier
1966 Edgar L. Suprenant
1965 Richard Arkless
1964 No Award Given
1963 Harold L. Kundel
1962 Sadek K. Hilal