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AMSER 2001 PROGRAM (Toronto, Canada... May 18-20, 2001)

AMSER Teaching Fare

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Symposium - Redefining Scholarship in Academic Radiology Keys to Academic Advancement

Wilbur Smith, MD Scholarship of Integration
Linda Lanier, MD Scholarship of Application
Jannette Collins, MD Scholarship of Teaching
Vijay Rao, MD Support for Scholarship

AMSER/APDR Round Table Discussions

AMSER Problem Solving Session

AMSER Joint Session

Jac Scheiner, MD The Medical School Radiology Course: Keys to Early Success
Incorporating Electronic Media into Medical Student Education
Kitt Shaffer, MD Survey of AMSER Members
Gary Merhar, MD Internet Applications
Judith Amorosa, MD CD-ROM Applications
Robert Novelline, MD Instructing Students on the Management of Electronic Diagnostic Images
Henry Goldberg, MD Issues Regarding Integrated Radiology Education

AMSER Workshops

1. Evaluating Medical Students In Radiology Courses
Kevin Volkan, PhD, EdD, MPH
Kitt Shaffer, MD
2. Medical Student Teaching Methods
Beverly Wood, MD
Dixie Fisher, PhD
Jac Scheiner, MD