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AMSER 2005 PROGRAM (Montreal, Quebec, Canada... May 4-7th, 2005)

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Medical Student Education Symposium 1

Kitt Shaffer, MD Educational Principles and Digital Teaching
Charles E. Kahn, MD Principles of Effective web Design
Jeffrey Wiseman, MD Educational Principles and the Future of the web
Kitt Shaffer, MD Interactive Digital Teaching

AMSER/APDR - Creating an Educational Web Site to Fulfill a Required Competency,   Cupido Daniels, PhD

AMSER/APDR Electronic Education Exhibits

AMSER Medical Student Education Symposium 2

Petra J. Lewis, MD Practical Use of Digital Teaching Methods
Beverly P. Wood, MD Searching for Information: Mining the Great Digital Lode

AMSER - Breakfast Seminar

Judith K. Amorosa, MD Should We Eliminate Film from Our Teaching Media?
Mark S. Frank, MD Internet to the Rescue for Radiologic Education: What the Future Holds

AMSER Medical Student Education Workshops

Nurit Bloom, MD Usability Testing for the Web
Peter D. Clarke, MD Teaching with 3D
James J. Choi, MD New Gadgets for Teaching
Jonathan L. Streeter, MD Use of Wireless for Interactive Teaching
Mark S. Frank, MD Designing Adaptive and Engaging Online Curricula
Stacy E. Smith, MD Use of Online Blackboard for Designing Teaching Modules
Mark E. Mullins, MD Design of Clerkship Goals Across Sites
Donald N. DiSalvo, MD Desing of a Web-based Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
Sonia M. Pujol, MD 3D Modeling of Anatomic Structures to Enhance Teaching of Radiology

AMSER Medical Student Education Symposium 3

Beverly P. Wood, MD Innovative Teaching Methods
Henry I. Goldberg, MD Radiology in the Integrated Curriculum