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AMSER 2006 PROGRAM (Austin, TX... April 5-8, 2006)

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Symposium 1

Kitt Shaffer, MD Integrating Radiology into the Medical School Curriculum
Petra J. Lewis, MD Practicalities of an Integrated Curriculum
Marcia J. McCowin, MD  
Kitt Shaffer, MD  


Petra J. Lewis, MD
Jocelyn D. Chertoff, MD
What Do Program Directors Look for in Interviewing Students?

AMSER/APDR Joint Session: Electronic Education Exhibits

AMSER Symposium 2

James J. Choi Moderator Copyright and HIPAA Issues
Kenneth D. Crews, JD, PhD Copyright Issues in Radiology Education
Beverly P. Wood, MD Patient Privacy as a Factor in Education

AMSER Breakfast Seminar

Marcia J. McCowin, MD Hank Goldberg and Beyond
James J. Choi Create Your Own Web Teaching Server (for Free)
Audience participation Problem-solving Session

AMSER Symposium 3

Robert A. Novelline, MD Moderator Students and Careers
Kimberly E. Applegate Gender Issues in Students' Career Choices: How to Encourage Women to Apply to Radiology
Mark E. Mullins, MD Education in the Era of Voice Recognition and PACS
Robert A. Novelline, MD Getting Promotion through Teaching: Building Your Portfolio

AMSER Medical Education Workshop

Kitt Shaffer, MD Moderator Different Ways to Skin a Fish: How Clerkships Can Be Structured - Panel Discussion
Judith K. Amorosa, MD Panelist
Joshua A. Becker, MD Panelist
Petra J. Lewis, MD Panelist
Donna Magid, MD Panelist
Janet A. Neutze, MD Panelist
Robert A. Novelline, MD Panelist