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Associate Membership Requirements

(Dues: $99 per year)


  • All radiology residency/fellowship program coordinators, radiology medical student curriculum coordinators, computer support personnel, and radiology nurses and technologists, in an accredited medical school, in an institution with a radiology residency or fellowship program, whether or not it is university based, or in a program applicable to or related to radiology or the radiologic sciences will be eligible for associate membership.
  • The member or nominee for membership must spend a significant amount of his or her time in academic or administrative duties related to radiology or the radiologic sciences. the applicant must attest to this level of activity on the membership application and this level must be continued for retention of membership in the Association.
  • To be eligible for nomination for associate membership, the nominee must have shown promise or accomplishment in the academic responsibilities stated in the purposes of the Association.

Election to Associate Membership

  • Applications for associate membership will be reviewed by the Administrative staff of the Association to ensure all requirements for membership are fulfilled.
  • When the nominee's application needs further evaluation, the Membership Committee will review nominations for membership and will present its recommendations at the interim meeting of the Board of Directors and at the Board of Directors meeting at the annual meeting of the Association. The chair of the Membership Committee will report an unfavorable review of the promise or accomplishments of a nominee by the Membership Committee to the nominee. The nominee may request the nomination be submitted to the Board of Directors for vote despite the unfavorable recommendation of the Membership Committee, in which case the appropriate documents will be circulated with those of all other nominees. The chair of the Membership Committee will circulate the names of the nominees and their academic associations to all members of the Board of Directors at least one month prior to the annual meeting of the Association and the interim meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors will elect associate members biannually at the annual meeting of the AUR and at the interim meeting of the Board of Directors or by regular mail, electronic mail or by facsimile transmission. The affirmative vote of the Board of Directors will constitute election to associate membership.

Privileges of Associate Membership

  • Associate members shall have all the rights and privileges of full membership except that they shall not hold office or vote. Associate members may serve on committees.