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Strategic Alignment Grant

The purpose of the AUR Research and Education Foundation Strategic Alignment Grant (SAG) is to advance the long-range strategic organizational goals of the AUR by awarding one year length grant(s) to applicants who address identified strategic priorities.

Application Process
The AUR Research and Education Foundation will identify a minimum of one targeted area chosen from the AUR Strategic Plan. 

2019-20 Identified Targeted Strategic Initiatives:

Goal 2: Enhance the AUR annual meeting experience by increasing collaboration at the meeting.

    - Engage the participation of a broader group of academic radiologists. 
    - Increase horizontal integration among all members of the umbrella organization, especially through the affinity group mechanism. 

Goal 3: Become the radiology organization known for its development of individual leaders in medical imaging education throughout healthcare.

    - Create “branded” presentations on important topics for nationwide dissemination to radiologists, medical educators, and other healthcare professionals  

Extended Application Deadline: January 25, 2019 at 12 NOON (Central)

Amount: One or more grants, up to $35,000 (USD) in aggregate will be awarded for the 2019-2020 year. Funds may or may not be granted each year, depending on the quality of the received proposals. The maximum individual award may not exceed $35,000 for a one year project



Contact Information:
AUR Research and Education Foundation
Phone: 630-368-3730

Grant Recipients:  


2017 Recipient Tessa S. Cook, MD, PhD - Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Development and Implementation of a National Imaging Informatics Curriculum for Radiology Residents


2016SAG_Kang Stella K. Kang, MD, MsC - New York University Langone Medical Center 
Value of Imaging through Comparative Effectiveness (VOICE) Research Program: 
A Collaborative Training Program in Biomedical Big Data and Comparative Effectiveness Research for the Field of Radiology